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Solutions for all your aquarium hardware needs!

3D Rocky Backgrounds
Your Amazing Aquarium is no accident!

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Your aquarium furniture can now be matched to just about any decor. Colour matching and custom built furniture is all part of the service. Your aquarium will be a feature of your home, not just an afterthought!
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Your new aquarium will be truly unique with our exclusive hand crafted three dimensional backgrounds. This is usually built into your new aquarium before installation to create a seamless finish. Aquariums To Go have developed a special method of creating our backgrounds using a combination of materials for a realistic effect.
• Create a “natural” looking background to your aquarium
• Effectively hides hoses and power cords
• Can be moulded around weirs and other unsightly obstructions
• Individually tailor made to suit your aquarium theme.
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Sumps, Filtration & Glass
For freshwater or marine, the sump filter is usually the best type of filtration available. Aquariums To Go can custom build aquarium sump filters to suit just about any aquarium, aquarium system or commercial application. We use only the best quality filter media, pumps and equipment for years of reliable service and top water quality. With aquarium equipment, spending a little more initially will generally save you a lot more in the long run.

Freshwater trickle filters:  Incorporates Ovi-Flo BioBalls and Rotating Arms for best oxygenation and bacteria growth. Built in pre-filter for clean water.

Marine trickle filters:  Ideal for aquariums containing heavy stock loads of fish and other livestock. Incorporates Ovi-Flo BioBalls and Rotating Arms for best oxygenation and bacteria growth. Built in pre-filter for clean water. Also includes Red Sea Protein Skimmer.

Marine Plenum filters:  For your coral reef aquarium, the plenum provides the best biological filtration available. The sump incorporates a pre-filter and Red Sea Protein Skimmer.

Aquariums To Go also service and supply off-the-shelf filtration systems, such as the Eheim Professional Canister filters.
Aquarium Packages
Your new aquarium supplied by Aquariums To Go is a complete package, delivered, installed and ready for fish. These packages are far more complete than what you normally see at your local aquarium store, check out the inclusions:

• New clear glass aquarium
• Matching cabinet and hood to make your aquarium a piece of furniture
• Twin lights to brighten your display and grow healthy plants
• German brand filtration for excellent water quality and fish health
• German brand aquarium heater to keep your tropical fish warm in winter
• Aquarium background to hide hoses, cables etc
• Gravel, rocks and basic dιcor
• Free delivery and installation*

Plus your first routine aquarium service is FREE*

* Southeast QLD from Gold Coast to Sunshine Coast and as far as Ipswich.
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