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Services for Business and Home!

Maintenance, Service & Cleaning
Your Amazing Aquarium is no accident!

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Your business can now take advantage of the benefits of leasing your new aquarium.
• No capital outlays
• No depreciation
• Your monthly spending is fixed, everything is included
• Fish and plant losses are replaced by us during your normal service
• Only top range reliable equipment is used
• You select from a range of freshwater fish styles
• Equipment can be updated easily every few years to keep it looking new

Your reception, office or staff room will have a more a relaxing atmosphere for your customers and staff leading to greater sales and increased productivity. Starting from only $$$$ per day, you get real value for money.

Leasing fees include all aquarium equipment, fish, plants or decor and fortnightly servicing to keep your aquarium clean and the fish healthy.

As a special bonus, your new lease aquarium will be delivered and installed for free.

Choose from African Cichlids, freshwater tropical fish with live plants, or goldfish.
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Your aquarium needs regular servicing to really thrive. We offer regular servicing or casual cleans, which include:
• Partial water change,
• Treatment of new water,
• Glass cleaning to remove algae,
• Cleaning of filters and associated equipment,
• Inspection of health of fish, plants and live corals, and
• Trimming of plants to maintain your underwater garden.

Filter pads, seawater etc also supplied as required.

Your fish tank can even be improved by equipment upgrades or new fish/plant or coral additions with your next professional service.

Servicing is generally provided Weekly, Fortnightly or every Four Weeks depending on the aquarium and your particular needs.
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Troubleshooting & Consultation
Aquariums To Go has provided consultation to aquaculture, aquarium & pet stores, fish breeders and serious hobbyists. Water quality, equipment design, disease control and other issues.
Custom Installations
You want a totally unique aquarium? You have the ideas and now need to have the concept realised? Aquariums To Go provide you with the expertise to realise just about any aquarium concept.
• Tall Aquariums
• Long Aquariums
• Novelty Aquariums
• Odd shapes and sizes

We love a challenge, give us a call now!
Restaurants - Live Seafood
Your restaurant customers want to see your live seafood in clear water and clean tanks. Providing excellent water quality is essential to reducing live stock losses. Seafood kept in clean water also enhances the flavour of your dishes and can reduce off or muddy tastes. Aquariums To Go provides routine servicing/water change, filtration maintenance as well as upgrades and new installations.
Glass Drilling
At our factory or at your place. One hole or dozens.
Glass Drilling
Special Events
Your conference, static display or trade show stand will make a bigger and longer lasting impression with a display of live fish and plants. The theme for your display can usually be translated into your aquarium for the event. An aquarium always catches the eye and draws people in.
Special Events
Relocations / Moving House
Your house move is stressful enough without having to worry about moving your aquarium.

If you are moving your aquarium to another room, to another neighbourhood or interstate, Aquariums To Go is here to help.

Local Moves: Your aquarium is professionally drained, cleaned and transported to its new location. We then set it back up, treat the new water and re-introduce your fish. Professional relocation can dramatically reduce the risk of transport shock and “eco-system” crashes. All we usually need is a hand to lift aquariums and furniture over 3 foot. Please inquire about large or specialty aquariums.

It is strongly recommended that you book your move at least two weeks in advance.

Long Distance Moves:  If you're moving a longer distance, Aquariums To Go drain, clean and dry your aquarium ready for your removal company to take away. We can also baby sit your fish at our facility until you're ready at your new home; we then pack the fish and freight them to you.

Fish Sitting:  Moving a long distance or renovating? If your fish need temporary accomodation Aquariums To Go will baby sit your fish. We can bring your entire aquarium to our place or put your fish into our tanks.
Relocation Quote Request:  If you would like a quote on relocating youf fish and aquarium, simply click on the email link below and tell us where you are moving from/to, the type of fish and size of tank, approximate move date and access at either end, and we will do the rest!
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