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Have the aquarium that others will be envious of! Your beautiful aquarium is made easy; you dont have to lift a finger, just relax and enjoy your amazing aquarium!

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• Regular servicing
• Leasing and new aquarium sales
• Upgrades and repairs
• Fish boarding and holiday services
• Relocations and refurbishments
• Custom Design, Construction and Installation
• Corporate and residential
• Troubleshooting / Problem solving

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Busy lifestyles and apartment living means that for many people an aquarium is their best choice of pet. Aquariums are self-contained with no smell or mess when looked after properly. An aquarium is often the most relaxing feature in the home.

For some time, I saw a niche in the Brisbane aquarium trade that was unfulfilled. Managing a busy Aquarium store I regularly heard requests for professional aquarium servicing, so I decided to take the plunge and put my money where my mouth is. Aquariums To Go was born in 2005.

In the Brisbane area, I am the only university qualified Aquaculture specialist operating full-time in mobile aquarium servicing. After keeping aquariums since the age of 8, I spent three years studying Aquaculture at the University of Tasmania. I have since spent over 15 years in the wholesale and retail aquarium industry. Along the way I have even won the prize for “Best Furnished Aquarium”, a hotly contested category in the Ekka competition.

Since establishing Aquariums To Go, I have seen just about every aquarium imaginable. It's a lot of fun going all over Brisbane and seeing the different kinds of fish and aquariums that people have in their homes and businesses. I also love the challenge of designing and building something totally unique for a client.

Aquariums To Go will go just about anywhere to help with your aquarium needs and travel as far as the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast and everywhere in between.

Phil's 1st-prize winning display, Brisbane Ekka 2005
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