Brisbane aquarium cleaning and bespoke aquariums

Your aquarium needs regular servicing to thrive. Aquariums to Go offers regular servicing which includes:

  • partial water change,
  • treatment of new water,
  • glass cleaning to remove algae,
  • cleaning of filters and associated equipment,
  • inspection of health of fish, plants and live corals, and
  • trimming of plants to maintain your underwater garden.

Filter pads, seawater, etc. are also supplied as required.

Your fish tank can also be improved by equipment upgrades or new fish, plant or coral additions with your next professional service.

Servicing is generally provided weekly, fortnightly or every four weeks, depending on the aquarium and your particular needs.

I only provide services to regular clients. I enjoy getting to know each of my clients and seeing their aquarium improve over time. To inquire about availability, phone 0417 696 739.